About The Company

Navigating the rapidly growing world of AI can be difficult, with new breakthroughs happening every week. However, there is a solution: Umely. We are the world’s first and only comparison site for AI tools. Our mission is to help you discover, compare, and choose the best AI tools for your specific needs. Our goal is to unlock the immense potential of AI for everyone, whether you are an entrepreneur, student, content creator, or anyone else. We believe that AI should be accessible to all!

About The Founder

Nice to meet you! My name is Sonny de Leeuw and I am the founder of Umely.

I am not an “AI expert” nor do I claim to be one. The world of generative AI is evolving rapidly, which means that the information you hear one week may be outdated the next. That is why I devote all my time to staying up-to-date with everything related to generative AI, and in my opinion, that is the best way to navigate the current generative AI world. I understand that you may not have the time for this, which is why my goal is to provide you with the most relevant and valuable information available, which is how Umely was created.

I place a high value on user experience and accuracy on my website, so if you have any suggestions or feedback, please do not hesitate to let me know!

Sonny, founder of Umely.ai

Umely AI
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