AI Employee Workshops

In today’s fast-paced world, mastering AI tools is not just an enhancement—it’s become essential.

Equip your team with the specialized skills they need in MidJourney Prompting, ChatGPT Prompting, CustomGPT Development and more through Umely’s focused AI Mastery Employee Trainings.

What do you learn in our AI workshops?

ChatGPT Prompting: 

Master the art of prompting ChatGPT to enhance text generation for various applications, improving engagement in customer support, content creation, and interactive communication.


CustomGPT Development

Acquire skills in building and training CustomGPT models, tailored for your organization’s specific needs, focusing on dataset preparation, model training, and effective deployment strategies.


MidJourney Prompting

Learn how to craft precise prompts to create stunning visual content tailored for marketing and creative projects, utilizing MidJourney’s advanced AI-driven capabilities.


Training in Specific AI Tools

We analyze and determine which AI tools are most beneficial for your organization, and provide targeted training to maximize efficiency and innovation across your teams.


Why our AI workshops?

More Productive Employees

Save costs with more efficient employees. Our training boosts productivity, enabling your team to complete tasks faster and with greater precision.


Enhanced Business Processes

AI enhances the quality of business processes with fewer mistakes and better end results. Proper training ensures employees use AI tools effectively, leading to improved operational efficiency.


Inspiration and Entertainment

Besides delivering substantial value, our AI trainings are designed to be inspiring and highly entertaining, making learning an enjoyable experience for all participants.

Sonny will guide you through the AI world!

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