AI Lead Generation

At Umely, we harness the power of advanced AI technology to transform your customer acquisition process. Our AI-driven approach is specifically designed to generate qualified leads through personalized LinkedIn messages and emails, crafted to capture the attention and interest of your target audience.

How does our AI strategy work?

Our service starts with defining your ideal customer profile and utilize Sales Navigator to identify all relevant contacts for targeting.


We then deploy our in-house software to generate personalized messages, tailoring each one with details from their website and LinkedIn profile to create the impression of a 100% handwritten note.


This targeted approach not only significantly enhances conversion rates but also enables large-scale outreach more cost-effectively than traditional methods, thus optimizing your lead generation strategy and accelerating your business growth.

No Cure, No Pay & Flexible Plan

No Cure, No Pay: We are so confident in our service that we you don’t have to pay if we don’t generate results 😉


Flexibility: Campaigns can be paused or terminated at any time, with a monthly cancelation option available.

What Makes AI Lead Gen So Special?

  • Enhanced Conversion Rates:

  • Our targeted approach significantly boosts conversion rates by ensuring each communication is highly relevant and personalized.


  • Cost-Effective and Scale: 

  • AI allows for large-scale outreach that is more cost-effective than traditional methods, enabling you to reach more potential customers without increasing your budget.


  • Optimized Lead Generation Strategy:

  • By integrating advanced AI, we streamline and enhance your lead generation processes, leading to quicker and more effective results.

Sonny will guide you through the AI world!

Umely AI
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